FFS_logoPupils from the Malling School in Kent spent an enjoyable November day at Spring Hill Trout Waters in Pembury near Tunbridge Wells with Fishing 4 Schools coaches Bob Goble, Lee Hooper, Julie Wicks and Fishing 4 Schools Director Charles Jardine. 12 students were shown how to tackle up and cast a fly; once students got the hang of it they were let loose on the water. A cooking demonstration by Charles included a session on fish biology, the use of their fins and what components in a trout’s body do a specific job and have a function. This was followed by a barbecue prepared by the fishery owners Lee and Jane Green. After lunch it was back to the lake, with students delighted by catching their first fish, with more trout coming to the net. Time was fast approaching to pack up but you could see that students were captivated and wanted to carry on. A fantastic day was had by all, with students keen to try fishing again.