GWT-logoFor the gamekeeper being made redundant, retiring, or simply losing their job due to circumstance, housing is usually the most important concern. Harrison Riddle, a keeper’s son, has drawn up a short questionnaire on the subject as part of his dissertation at Harper Adams University. We join the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust in supporting this study and urge participation.  

It can be filled in online at:

Or alternatively you can request a copy to fill in via email by contacting Harrison directly at[email protected]

The Gamekeepers Welfare Network says: “Everyone should try and make provision in later life or in an emergency or unforeseen circumstance but this is not always possible and we are there to try and plug the gap.

“For those who are retiring we help all we can, liaising with local authorities, helping with top up rents and deposits and friendly support along the way.

“In redundancy, every assistance will be made to provide help with temporary housing, either private rentals or whatever is suitable, deposits, top up rents where eligible. We are there to help you.

“Contact us for further information on: 01677 470180 email: [email protected]. Every call is confidential.