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Welcome to Game-to-Eat the campaign dedicated to promoting the delights of wild British game meat. On this site you will find lots of information about the different types of game, when they are in season, advice on where to buy and ideas for lots of exciting recipes. And if you are a retailer or a caterer there is masses of information in our trade area to help you make the most of this wonderful product of the British countryside. The campaign is a key part of the Countryside Alliance’s campaigning work and is dedicated to promoting the produce of our shoots, game dealers, butchers and farm shops.

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Game-to-Eat's latest catering college success

Thursday, 7 November 2013

On 6th November 2013 the Countryside Alliance's Game-to-Eat Chef, Lee Maycock, delivered a game preparation and cooking course to 3rd year students at Beford College. It involved all the aspects of game, from species recognition and ecology through to recipe ideas and serving.  

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The Indian Initiative

Monday, 28 October 2013

It is the Game to Eat campaign’s mission to increase the sales of wild game in Britain. In order to accomplish our mission we have a brand new initiative aimed at getting game into Indian restaurants. It is a fantastic idea for a number of reasons. Firstly, wild game fits perfectly with Indian spices and cooking methods.

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Partridge Confit

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A while ago a friend told me a great way to preserve game birds legs was to confit them. You could collect them slowly, putting them all together, until you have enough to feed the hungry. Using this process meant they would also keep much longer. 

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Autumn Magazine Feature - Spicing up the Game

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

It turns out the campaigns local Indian restaurant are firm advocates of wild game and have been using it since they took over in 2000. In the following article the Kennington Tandoori's owners Kowsar and Rukshana talk about their respct and passion for game, and our future plans together. Read more about it here

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Recipe Leaflets


Friday, 13 September 2013

The Game to Eat recipe leaflets have been a real success story for the campaign over the past ten years. Since our beginning eight recipe leaflets have been designed, including a double sided A5 leaflet focused solely on grouse. The numbers that have been posted out to members and the public has grown year on year, culminating in over 80,000 being sent out last year.

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Tandoori Pheasant

Game with a Difference

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sunday roasts are as British as fast food is American. This may not be true for all households but when it came to Sundays at my home and no roast was produced, there were certainly some groans. It seems to me that roasting game birds is a similar British trait. For, when I was young, it could have been easily mistaken that the only way to cook a game bird was to roast it. I was taught there was only one way to cook a game bird that was to pile a whole load of bacon on top and blast it to high hell. How wrong could I have been?

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Celebrity testimonials
Rachel Green
Celebrity Chef
Rachel Green Celebrity Chef
I absolutely love cooking with game – I'm a country girl, a farmer's daughter, and it's part of my life. People often don't realize how versatile – and how healthy - game is to cook and eat. 

There's a huge variety available – from snipe and partridge to venison and hare, and so many ways of preparing it, from traditional old-fashioned and delicious roast pheasant wrapped in bacon to a modern-day venison burger stuffed with blue cheese.

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