Head of Shooting at the Countryside Alliance, Liam Stokes, was interviewed last week by BBC Radio York’s Gareth Barlow about the investment and employment benefits that grouse shooting brings to the North York Moors. To listen to the interview, please follow link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p049d80q (interview takes place between: 33:30-38:30 mins).

The interview took place ahead of this week’s evidence session into driven grouse shooting which the Countryside Alliance will be taking part in.

Over the course of the interview it was pointed out that game meat sales continue to grow and the extent to which grouse shooting is woven into the fabric of the North York Moors. Liam explained the ways in which the shooting industry works hand in glove with farmers to ensure high biodiversity and an economically dynamic upland. He stressed that it is important to talk about the facts and the science when discussing grouse shooting and to take some of the emotion out of it.

The Countryside Alliance have arranged a series of moorland walks over the past year to allow members of the public to meet game keepers and to understand more about grouse shooting and the benefits it brings.