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Publicity and liaising with the media are all part and parcel of running a modern hunt, so the Countryside Alliance has put together a new, on-line media and promotional pack to help. The pack has been designed to give some advice to hunts when faced with the pressures of dealing with the media and includes interview tips, press release writing tips and local newspaper contacts by region. The pack also includes an activities section which highlights suitable activities, such as a hunter trial, children’s meet and a morning puppy walking, to organise throughout the season and suggests ways in which to promote these activities. 

Another feature of the pack is editable pdfs which hunts can change, update and print off for their own purposes. These include an events poster, a press release and an example risk assessment template to use when organising events.

Click here to download an editable poster for hunts to type in details and print out.

Click here to download a template risk assessment.

Click here to download an example of a Countryside Alliance press release.

Click here for your own press release template.

Click here to download a hunting media pack.

Director of Campaigns Tim Bonner says ‘Hunts need to be as proactive as they can be in welcoming newcomers and getting media coverage of their promotional activities. We hope this pack goes some way towards giving hunt supporters and staff the confidence to deal with journalists. Having this document on-line will mean that hunts have direct access to it at all times and can use the number of editable features that it contains repeatedly. We are confident that this will prove to be a very useful and accessible document which will help hunts to promote themselves and their activities, which is vital to the sustainability of hunting.’