vawm_logoCountryside Alliance Animal Welfare Consultant, who is also affiliated to the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management (VAWM), gave a talk on wildlife management and hunting with hounds this week at the Student Animal Welfare Society of the Royal Veterinary College in London . He reports that the talk “very well. I did the usual PowerPoint presentation and veterinary surgeon Chris House spoke about the work VAWM undertakes and the importance of making science-based decisions.”

Jim continues “I think Chris will agree that the points made were certainly taken on board and not one person present (or anyone watching via a video link) disagreed. It’s always good to hear, as we did, that at least one person had changed her mind on the issue of hunting with hounds. This was even more interesting given that this was an animal welfare society meeting – in other words, those particularly concerned about animal welfare within a profession concerned about animal welfare!”

Learn more about VAWM’s work via their website here

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