Intrusive_FootpathsIntrusive Footpaths is a campaign group fighting for the rights of people who have public footpaths running through their properties. Their mission is to change the law on rights of way, so that members of the public can file legitimate claims against footpaths intruding on their homes, gardens and driveways. The group says: “In 2000 the Government passed legislation granting walkers access to thousands of acres of land. Considerations were written into law to ensure the security and privacy of those properties which might be affected by the new‘right to roam’. These considerations involved making sure that all new access areas did not cross or meet with properties so that access for the public was kept at a reasonable distance from homes. However, no consideration was given to relocating existing footpaths that DID meet and cross homes. No thought was or continues to be given to those who have footpaths running directly through their homes. There are many homes that are affected by this oversight.” Country Life has reported on the group’s mission – click here. Visit the official website at