Countryside Alliance Animal Welfare consultant Jim Barrington (pictured) has blogged his thoughts on the recent developments in the hunting debate. In “The hunt for votes” Jim looks at the way the animal rights lobby will seek to exert influence using anti-hunt propaganda in this election, and the fact that the propaganda doesn’t affect electoral outcomes. He also writes: “Facts and figures always appear to be a little flexible during a general election, so it’s worth reminding everyone of a few facts that we know are absolutely irrefutable.

1. The Hunting Act was claimed to be a watershed in the way we treat animals, yet since 2004 RSPCA cruelty figures have risen year on year.
2. The Hunting Act was claimed to be good law, but because it doesn’t work as intended, antis blame everyone else and now want it strengthened.
3. The Hunting Act was claimed to be simple. LACS said in 1996, “Within a couple of months it would all be over and everyone would wonder what all the fuss was about.” Yet 12 years after the Hunting Act came into force, the hunting debate remains unresolved.”

Read Jim’s compelling piece here.

Jim has also appeared in a 20 podcast with The Spectator which you can hear here. The podcast also features a spokeswoman for PETA and Camilla Swift from the Spectator.

Last week saw Jim busy in the media. He joined Jeremy Vine on his BBC Radio 2 show on Friday to discuss hunting. You can listen again here (from 34min 20secs) as Jim argues sensibly against the League Against Cruel Sports’ CEO. Jim also took part in an interview with Sunday Times columnist Rod Liddle, which you can view here (subscription required.)

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