LACS_logo_smallThe League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has finally taken down footage of a West Country hunt that showed a young child playing from its website.

The Countryside Alliance and others have been petitioning the LACS to remove video from its website that its members took of the Quantock Staghounds on 18 April 2013. Yesterday (16 June) the group removed the video. 

Countryside Alliance director of campaigns Tim Bonner said: “We have been asking for this video to be removed for 14 months now, so we and the child’s family will be very pleased that they have finally done so, however it is very concerning that it took so long for it to happen.

“We have very great reservations about the legality of antis sitting in bushes secretly filming hunts as they go about their business, but for them to be filming children is beyond the pale.

“Earlier this year LACS was forced to sack one of its investigators who was found to have a criminal record for violence. It is time for LACS to review its policy on covert surveillance – no charity should be allowed to act in this way.”