Falconry for Schools spent two days at Heathland School in Accrington on 20 and 23 November teaching Senior 2 and 3 pupils all about raptors and falconry. 

Siobhan Robinson from the school said: “I’d just like to say that Rhiannon who ran the course was brilliant, she was very knowledgeable and really got the pupils interested.  

“It was amazing seeing such beautiful birds close up and learning so much about them.  Our teachers were also impressed as it tied in to biology, history, geography and English!” 

And Senior 3 pupil, Luke Salmon–Jamieson said: “My classmates and I and those from Senior 2 took part in a falconry course. This included many exciting things, such as research about many birds of prey and owls, bird feeding, flying an owl and a very gruesome challenge which was dissecting a chick. 

“Two birds came to visit us – Geoff a peregrine falcon and an African spotted eagle owl called Dusty. 

“We learnt lots of information and facts and we all had a great time. This was a fantastic and exciting opportunity.”