5514604743_a034bb95e6Culinary consultant chef and national committee member of the Craft Guild of Chefs, Lee has a great passion for game and country sports and has worked with Game-to-Eat since the start of the campaign. As well as doing Game-to-Eat chef training courses, Lee has created numerous game recipes for gametoeat.co.uk 

Chef-Director of LBM Food Solutions Ltd

National Committee member of the Craft Guild of Chefs

Having grown up in rural Oxfordshire he has been a responsible gun owner for over 30 years, he now lives and Hertfordshire and shoots at several large estates all over the country.

In more recent years has taken up deer stalking in England and the Scotland Highlands

Awarded the Level 2 Wild Game Meat Hygiene Certificate 2009

Has been delivering Game-to-Eat workshops for the Countryside Alliances ‘game-to-eat’ campaign to raise awareness of British game for the past three years.

Shooting Gazette published a 4 page feature on these workshops.

Field Sports TV recently filmed one of these workshops Delivers game cookery masterclasses at food exhibitions and farmers markets.

Promotes British Game at cookery demonstrations for regional game fairs and country shows across the country.

Develops 12 new innovative game recipes every year for the game-to-eat website.

Writes recipes for the American hunting magazine ‘Cooking Wild’

Judges the annual pub chef awards ‘best game dish”

Presently developing red deer recipes for West Country Game & Deer Park.