Following a recent article in the Ilkley Gazette, the Countryside Alliance has written to John Grogan MP offering a visit to Ilkley Moor. We have sent the following letter to the Ilkley Gazette to tell their readers about the offer.

To the editor,

Regarding the article Wildlife crash on Ilkley Moor prompts fresh calls to ban grouse shooting (20th July 2017), it is a shame that John Grogan MP believes there to be a conflict between grouse shooting on public land and ramblers. That is not our experience. As reported in the Ilkley Gazette, Ramblers on Ilkley Moor told grouse shoot helps conservation (6th August 2016), when we arranged for ramblers to go for a walk with Ilkley Moor’s gamekeeper the overwhelming response was that the grouse shoot was of benefit to everyone who loves and visits the moor.

We have written to Mr. Grogan to highlight the views of ramblers who have actually been to Ilkley Moor and met the local gamekeeper, and have invited Mr. Grogan to undertake a similar visit and see for himself that Ilkley Moor is something the local community can treasure and be proud of.

Yours sincerely,
Liam Stokes

Head of Shooting
Countryside Alliance