spectator-coffee-house-logoCountryside Alliance Head of Shooting Campaigns, Liam Stokes, has written for The Spectator about a farcical experience of bias and outright lies from the BBC while filming for an episode of its “Inside Out – London” show recently. In “How can the BBC be allowed to break their own editorial standards?” Liam recounts the experience, writing “I recently had the misfortune of featuring in a BBC documentary that repeatedly breached the corporation’s own editorial standards.” Liam was asked to comment on secret footage that he hadn’t seen. He was also assured that the piece he was filming would not be anti-shooting and that animal rights groups had not been asked for comment. Surprised, therefore, to find that “the programme appeared in BBC listings as ‘exposing cruel breeding practices’ associated with shooting. The documentary carried the catchy, if not exactly ‘not anti-shooting’, title of ‘The Killing Fields’. Which just so happens to be the title of Animal Aid’s own anti-shooting report. All of our suspicions were confirmed when the programme aired. In addition to what we had been shown was additional undercover footage from the League, in precise contradiction to what we had been told to expect.” Read Liam’s piece in full on The Spectator’s website here.