“Shooting to me is fun, camaraderie, sport and a quantifiable benefit to our local community.” – Stuart Murray, small farm shoot

Having started shooting and beating as a lad on small local shoots, l inevitably moved on to shooting bigger days further away – l think losing some of the camaraderie and community spirit in the process.

Things have now come full circle and l am now part of a small farm shoot which is as much about the friendship and mucking in together, as it is the size of the bag.

It is self-funded, the farmer shoots, a tenant acts as gamekeeper, whose wife also helps out and the guns are all local and free to bring partners, kids and dogs along on a day.

We also patronise several local pubs for each shoot day meal and maybe a pint or two after!

This photo is of the husband, father, keeper (not necessarily always in that order) Billy Wyatt who keeps it all running smoothly for others enjoyment, despite having a busy work schedule and also running the “Giving up the Game” Facebook page that allows local and not so local members to swap or give away unwanted game to those that want it.

So that is what shooting is to me; fun, camaraderie, sport and a quantifiable benefit to our local community.

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