The National Trust AGM will take place at the STEAM Museum in Swindon on Saturday, 21st October.

In the lead up to the meeting the Countryside Alliance has been engaging with members of the National Trust to encourage them to oppose the members’ resolution to ban trail-hunting on National Trust land. Our view on this matter is in line with the recommendation of the Trust’s Board.

As well as Alliance representatives being interviewed on local and national TV and radio news programmes, there has also been a keen interest from the media with wide coverage both online and in print. Hunt kennels across the country have been the backdrop for many interviews with further coverage scheduled over the next few days leading up to the vote on Saturday.

In case you haven’t read all of the coverage, please find below snippets from some of the articles in which the Countryside Alliance has been widely quoted.

The Telegraph – Hunting ban ‘could be unworkable on half of National Trust land’ warns top QC.

The Telegraph – A ban on trail hunting by National Trust would ‘destroy’ its relations with countryside, warns MPs.

iNews – National Trust dragged into fox hunting debate over controversial vote for members.

The Telegraph – Anti-hunting views of key National Trust council candidates revealed.

Horse & Hound – National Trust members to vote on proposed hunt ban.

Civil Society – National Trust criticised over changes to hunting rules

The Guardian – Aniseed or urine: is the National Trust on the right trail?

The Independent – Fox hunters vent fury at National Trust for publishing details of meets