imgresThe National Farmers Union (NFU) held its conference in Birmingham this week, at which Meurig Raymond was named the newly elected President. We wish outgoing President Peter Kendall every success in the future and thank him for his high profile promotion and defence of our farming sector. 

New NFU President Meurig Raymond farms 3,400 acres in Pembrokeshire in partnership with his twin brother. Ahead of his election Mr Raymond outlined his priorities: “Top priority must be food security and recognition along the food supply chain of the low returns to farmers, particularly when our farmers produce to the highest possible standards.

“Communicating with our members is fundamental and engaging and listening to their concerns will be key to our success.

“With the next generation involved in our farming business, I will passionately argue the importance of agriculture and the need to achieve a more vibrant, profitable industry which will encourage young people into farming.” You can watch a video interview with Mr Raymond on the NFU’s website here.

NFU Council voted for Minette Batters as NFU Deputy President. Minette is a tenant farmer in Wiltshire. She runs a beef finishing unit and has diversified into horse livery and an events business. She worked with retailers to develop Ladies in Beef and the Great British Beef Week (which starts on St George’s Day, 23rd April this year).

Guy Smith joins the officeholder team as Vice President. Guy farms a mixed farm in north east Essex. His farm has several diversifications including a golf course, shop, fishing lakes and an airstrip.