We have had a significant number of enquiries from Countryside Alliance members who are also members of the National Trust, about the forthcoming Council Elections.

National Trust Members are currently being sent their voting papers prior to the AGM at 10.30am on Saturday 20th October 2018 at STEAM, the Museum of the Great Western Railway, Swindon.

Members of the National Trust have been invited to elect up to six candidates for the Council ahead of the AGM.

The main responsibilities of the council are to appoint the Trust’s Chair and members of the Board of Trustees (the NT governing body) and to hold them to account.

If you would like further information on candidates that have been put forward for election to the National Trust council please email [email protected]

At the AGM there will also be a vote on a members’ resolution about the use of barbed wire on National Trust properties. The resolution proposes that the National Trust should adopt the following policy on barbed wire:

  • With immediate effect, the National Trust will not (nor allow its tenants) to install any new (or replacement) barbed wire on any of their properties.
  • To implement a plan to have removed all barbed wire from their properties within five years.
  • Within that five-year period, to identify higher risk sites (such as Greys Court) and remove the barbed wire immediately


The National Trust Board of Trustees recommends that their members vote against this resolution and we would urge our any of our supporters to do the same.