The_All_WaterWorld-renowned fly tying manufacturer Fulling Mill and legendary fly fisherman Charles Jardine have launched the Allwater™ fly series, a new and unique pattern that aims to catch fish on all types of water.

All profits made from Allwater fly sets will go directly to Fishing 4 Schools, a charity run by Charles and The Countryside Alliance Foundation (TCAF) that introduces youngsters to angling. 

The Allwater fly pattern was borne of Charles’ years of fly fishing experience as well as months of research and conversations with fly fishermen across the UK.

Research and experience suggested that a fly with a number of different triggers would result in a pattern that would work across a number of different fishing situations. A red flash is the main constant across the five different Allwater variations that are available in the set and, with other triggers, generates a reaction that fish such as trout, grayling and even salmon often can’t resist.

Each of the five flies in the pack was designed and initially hand-tied by Charles himself. Then Fulling Mill meticulously replicated the patterns, all of which have been hand-tied by skilled artisans and fly dressers, in Kenya.

The Allwater set consists of five flies:

Allwater™ Dry: Perfect for just about any river (and lake) situation calling for an impressionistic, dark dry fly.

Allwater™ Nymph/ Wet: This design is a perfect foil for lake or reservoir fishers craving something just a little different from the usual.

Allwater™ Bug: Already known for catching some big rainbows, this bead head offers the perfect solution to the head scratching “what do I put on now?” conundrum.

Allwater™ Dancer: A type of woolly bugger and a perfect ‘search’ pattern for lake and reservoir trout fishing at all depths.


Allwater™ Zonker: If ever a pattern oozes big fish attraction, this is it. Sinuous bulk; dark as sin, what could possibly go wrong? Actually, quite a lot if you’re a predatory fish chasing this.

Founded by Charles and The Countryside Alliance Foundation, Fishing 4 Schools gives children, from all backgrounds, especially those with learning and physical difficulties, a chance to learn outside the classroom. The program, now in its eighth year takes principles from the school curriculum, including mathematics, biology and geography, and illustrates them using fishing.

Currently Fishing 4 Schools works with more than 40 educational facilities across the UK and is looking to expand further, so more children are able to benefit from a day’s learning out on the water.

Charles Jardine of Fishing 4 Schools said: “No matter what level of fisherman we are, sometimes we all look down into our fly box and wonder what to try next? I think the Allwater fly set could well be the perfect solution to that little conundrum. And more importantly it will hopefully go a long way in helping to grow the Fishing 4 Schools initiative. Since the beginning we have set out to help make a difference to young people, sometimes with very serious hurdles in their lives, and with the proceeds from the Allwater we intend to help lots more.

William Landale, managing director of Fulling Mill said: “We have so much respect and admiration for what Charles is doing with Fishing 4 Schools. So much so that we wanted to help him raise money in order to grow the initiative further so that more school children can benefit from a day’s learning on the water.”

The Allwater set is on sale now, costing £5 from Sportfish, Farlows, HartleyFly and (click here) and soon from tackle shops nationwide.

Anglers are also invited to share what they have caught with the flies on the Fishing 4 Schools facebook page and on other social media, using the hashtag #Allwater.

For more information, contact Countryside Alliance head of media Charlotte Cooper on 0207 8409220 and 07500 834163 or email [email protected]

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