Fly-Tipping_reportcoverOn Wednesday 26th February, BBC news online reported: Courts set to impose bigger fines for fly-tipping…..People caught fly-tipping in England and Wales are to face the prospect of heavier fines, under new court sentencing guidelines. As well as fly-tipping, nuisance offenders whose crimes involve noise, smoke or carry a health risk will also be hit by the harsher fines. The new guidelines have been set out by the Sentencing Council. It said it wanted magistrates to make more use of the “highest levels of fines”. Read the story in full here.  

The Countryside Alliance released a report several years ago on fly-tipping entitled “Time for Action”. The report called for six key changes, one of which was “Reappraisal of current legislation and enforcement practices: development of the role of enforcement officers; improved guidance for magistrates and prioritisation within Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships.” We are gratified to see that fly-tipping is to be treated with heavier fines, it is a serious crime that is never victimless and costs councils, farmers and landowners millions per year.

You can download our 2007 report here.