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15,000 hunters march on Dusseldorf in protest at legislation

| Campaigns, Shooting and Conservation

European hunting and conservation body FACE writes: “Yesterday in Düsseldorf there was a great demonstration (over 15,000) of hunters and countryside people against a new regional legislation that disregards the positive role of hunters in wildlife management. FACE President Gilbert de Turckheim rallied the determined crowd and brought the solidarity of all European Hunters to…

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“Fly-grazing Bill” is passed

| Campaigns, Communities and Business

Legislation that makes it easier for land owners, local authorities and welfare charities to take action over dumped and fly-grazed horses has been passed. The Control of Horses Bill was given its Third Reading today, 18 March, and will become law before the General Election.  The Countryside Alliance was part of a coalition of charities…

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Alliance welcomes “budget for the countryside”

| Campaigns, Consultation and Lobbying

Proposals to improve broadband connectivity, freeze fuel duty and allow farmers to average their income over five years, will ensure that hard working rural families feel the benefits of the countryside-friendly budget announced yesterday (18 March). The Chancellor announced measures to support broadband delivery; including a boost for satellite broadband, ultra-fast broadband (100mbps) for nearly…

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