On Wednesday 27th January the Daily Telegraph ran an article with the headline: “Nicola Sturgeon ‘posturing’ over Scottish foxhunting review”. The piece by Scottish Political Editor Simon Johnson reported: “The Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) highlights new police testimony that the existing laws are not being broken and claims the First Minister only ordered a review to spare her blushes over the controversial decision of SNP MPs to block David Cameron’s attempt to relax the rules in England.” Scottish Countryside Alliance Director Jamie Stewart “argued the Scottish Government’s announcement of a review was merely a face-saving exercise to prevent the SNP being accused of hypocrisy, but the police testimony proved it was not justified. “They have painted themselves into a corner at Westminster by getting involved in English politics but there’s absolutely no evidence of a problem in Scotland,” he said. He described the move as “cynical” but added: “Nobody wants to challenge Nicola Sturgeon on that political posturing.”’