Screenshot 2015-04-07 12.44.10Serves 4


100g diced partridge, 100g diced onion, 100g diced pheasant, 100g diced carrot, 100g diced wood pigeon, 100g diced celery, 200ml red wine, 100g diced leek, 200ml veal stock, 50g chopped garlic, 20g chopped fresh thyme, 4 cooked puff pastry discs.



  1. In a hot pan sear all the diced game
  2. Add the onion, carrot, celery, leek and garlic to the pan
  3. Add the thyme, veal stock and red wine
  4. Simmer for eight to ten minutes and remove from the heat
  5. Correct the seasoning and set aside whilst reheating the pastry
  6. Serve pie mix between the four bowls and top with the pastry discs.