CA_Police_Commissioner_Manifesto full A4 copyThe Police & Crime Commissioner Elections were held on 5th May 2016. Ahead of it, the Countryside Alliance published a Rural Crime Manifesto (download it here) and called on PCCs to recognise that crime is a key issue for rural communities, saying it is essential that PCCs recognise that tackling crime and increasing police visibility is a priority for the rural electorate.

PCCs have the difficult task of managing tight budgets, while tackling very different rural and urban crimes in their area. Local policing for local people is great in theory, but it must translate into effective policing fit for local areas, and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. The Countryside Alliance supports a balanced approach to fighting crime and that should be reflected in policing plans across the country.

Our Manifesto calls upon PCCs to ensure:
1. Fair funding for rural policing
2. Better use of intelligence
3. Improved use of modern surveillance and IT technology
4. Better targeting of police resources
5. Parish Police Officers introduced in remote rural areas