Screenshot 2015-04-07 12.43.29Serves 4 Ingredients 75g chopped mixed game, 20ml port, 50g chopped game liver or chicken liver, 10g shredded sage, 50g minced pork, 20g chopped chives, 10g of crushed juniper, clove and star anise, 20ml orange juice, 20g chopped garlic, 50g melted butter, 50g diced onion, Milled salt & pepper.   Method

  1. Place the game mix, liver and pork into a blender and liquidise keeping texture coarse
  2. Put blended mix into a bowl and add garlic, onion, sage, chives and crushed spices
  3. Add the juice and port and season well
  4. Place mixture into four ramekins and stand in a roasting tray with 1” of water
  5. Cover the tray with foil and bake in medium oven 180ºC for forty five minutes
  6. Pour the melted butter over each ramekin and refrigerate