Village-scape_869The Countryside Alliance supports the Rural Fair Share Group’s campaign for equal funding for local authorities in rural and urban areas. The group of MPs today (14 January) lobbied Treasury Minister Priti Patel, drawing her attention to inequalities in Government funding, which mean local authorities in rural areas will receive £130 less per head than those in towns and cities in 2015/16. The issue of equal funding for the countryside is part of the Countryside Alliance manifesto for the General Election. 

Alliance head of policy Sarah Lee said: “Government funding formulae need to be reviewed to ensure rural communities receive an equal level of funding to their urban counterparts and to ensure an equal quality of service.

“People who live in country communities often do not have access to the most basic services, goods and amenities or have to travel long distances to access them. More must be done to ensure the future of safe, vibrant and sustainable rural communities.”