Judi-HewittOn 26th October 2014 the Sunday Telegraph reported: “An anti-hunt campaigner has been found guilty of assaulting and harassing a hunt’s “terrier man” after he shot a fox.
Llandudno Court heard Judith Hewitt, 67, of Rhyl, North Wales became “absolutely hysterical” and started hitting Robert Smith on the back after he legally killed the fox in his role as a licensed vermin control officer. Hewitt, who denied the charges, recorded the confrontation and posted an edited version on YouTube, adding disparaging comments.
She then waged a campaign of harassment against Mr Smith, trespassing on land, obstructing him as he went about his work and posting offensive items on websites and social media.  

Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance added: “It is important that hunts realise that they can take action over harassment from activists. If hunts help themselves by collecting evidence and are willing to make a statement we can support their complaints.”

“Robert Smith was undertaking important wildlife management work for the landowner. It is outrageous that he should have been harassed by Ms Hewitt in this way whilst going about his job.”