The Fishing for Schools regions are always looking for ways to make fishing fun for their pupils – this can include bait challenges (identifying baits by taste and feel whilst blindfolded!) and fishing competitions, but next school year the  Kent Fishing for Schools team is running a fun art competition between its schools, and the subject is freshwater fish.

Instructor Warren White hopes the competition will spark discussions about the best ways to identify and the differences between species of freshwater fish.

Each school will choose and submit a maximum of two pictures drawn by their pupils, which will be judged at our annual inter-schools match at Grove Farm on 25 September.

There will be prizes for first, second and third place and the winning picture will hang in the lodge at Grove Farm, Hadlow College.

Warren said: “The idea for the competition came about a couple of years ago when one student on the Aims Award course  – Lewis Barrington, from Rowhill School – some lovely pictures of fish to complement the written side of the course. He passed the course with flying colours and has now gone onto art college.

“I still use his portfolio as an example to other students interested in coming on the course.

“Lewis always got his work done, but didn’t have the highest concentration span when fishing, but I knew he was mad about drawing comics, so if he had a rest from fishing I guided him into drawing some pictures of fish, which made his portfolio outstanding among others.”

We look forward to seeing the pupil’s artwork in September.