istock_000011447337_smallThe home-made sausage is just one cookery skill that has benefited from this new DIY kitchen craze. In the past ten years sausages have really taken the meat world by storm. With every new week comes a new range of sausages, in the last two years this has spread from the normal porker to extravagant venison to the dam right crazy (but delicious) pheasant sausages.

With a couple of emails coming into the Game to Eat office about this new-world art, we had to reply honestly; none of us have ever partaken in any form of sausage making before. So I took it upon myself to dig up some information about the subject.

Sausages making for beginners’ is a brilliant introduction article giving numerous reasons for making your own sausages. With this and countless other articles about why you should get involved, there is more than enough information to tickle your taste-buds.

There are hundreds of recipes on the internet, taking you through the whole process; one easy step-by-step recipe is Hank’s Sweet Italian Sausages. In terms of learning about the slightly more difficult venison sausages ‘Lets make sausage’ is a excellent place to start, with some first class sausages.

If you like what you are reading then head to Weschenfelder to find all the equipment that you will need to get busy in the kitchen. Or if you want to try before you buy (the equipment) have a look at the sausages, you could be making, for sale at the Ten Mile Menu if you live around the Chilterns, or Wild Venison who will deliver the sausages straight to your door.

Finally we must mention the numerous cookery/butchery courses occurring all over the country focused on producing sausages. Ginger Pig and Meat N16 are just two of many sharing their trade in London, as well as Food Safari holding many events in the East.

I hope you, like us, have learnt a little from this article, and now have a little inkling to try for yourself. Myself, I am off to buy a sausage maker…