The Countryside Alliance is at the forefront of promoting and protecting rural life at Parliament, in the media and on the ground. The promotion of shooting is a fundamental element of our vision, with the benefits to conservation, the economy and rural communities being promoted at every opportunity: in Westminster and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; in national, regional, sporting and social media; on the ground; and through our membership of committees and working groups. So too is its defence in the face of growing opposition, and we robustly counter the threats to shooting that come from numerous fronts, both at home and abroad.

It takes time and money to run an effective shooting campaign, and it is essential that we receive support from those who value shooting, and want to help us secure its future for years to come. That support can be given in a number of ways, which include buying this year’s newly designed shooting badges, selling shooting badges to guns on shoot days, and running shoot sweepstakes.

We have two shooting badges for this year’s shooting season. The Season Badge and the Supporters Badge


Season Badge 16 (2)

Season Badge 16







Further support for the Countryside Alliance’s shooting campaign can be given through organising sweepstakes at your local shoot. The sweepstake cards are free, and can be obtained from Cassie Brough ([email protected]). Both the shooting badges and shoot sweepstakes are once again being run in association with Pol Roger Champagne, and a bottle will be sent to all those that raise £1,000 for the shooting campaign, and for each £1,000 thereafter.