Tatler_sports_supplementThe August issue of Tatler is on sale today. It comes with a special “Hunting, Shooting and Fishing Guide”, an informative yet tongue-in-cheek supplement which is described as “featuring the hottest huntsmen, the most elegant shots, the finest fishermen, what to wear, the best house parties, essential etiquette…….”  

Any country lover will enjoy the supplement, which has surveyed the “people who know” to declare (amongst many others) the most popular ghillies, fishing stars, most beautiful salmon rivers and also the top fishing heroes – which include The Queen Mother and Orri Vigfusson. On other fieldsports the supplement also offers the best hunting country, the leading young & veteran amateur and professional huntsmen, the leading young masters, as well as the best partridge, pheasant and grouse shoots.  Tatler is rightly proud to be, as it says, “supporting traditional rural sports” – so why not go and buy the magazine? You may disagree with some of the results polled but you will certainly enjoy the sentiments, colour, depth and character featured in this supplement.