With the 2018/19 Shooting Season in full swing, here’s a round-up of the best prep and plated grouse dishes from those lucky enough to get their hands on this prized bird.

1. Anglo Restaurant

2. The Jugged Hare

3. 45 Jermyn Street

The future classic is back…

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4. Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel

5. Mac and Wild

6. Restaurant 92

7. Home House

8. Eat Native

B F G – Buttermilk Fried Grouse 🍗 #eatnative #glorioustwelfth @swaledalefoods

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9. L’Escargot Restaurant

10. 21212 Edinburgh

11. Clove Club

12. Quality Chop House

13. Yorkshire Gourmet

The native grouse heralds the start of the British game season, always something to look forward to. But the cold snap earlier this year followed by the extremely dry weather and the wild fires has made life difficult for the grouse and their friends that live on the moors. I was out there yesterday and didn’t see or hear one grouse which was quite sad really as they’re usually thriving at this time of year. Invariably, they flutter out of the undergrowth in a panic usually when I’m literally within inches of them as I’m trudging through the heather. I seem to swear every time they perform this pulse-raising act catching me by surprise as they do. But one thing’s for sure, I’m always thankful for their arrival on my plate. So, due to the conditions, these beautiful birds are fetching high prices being scarce in supply this year. The great folks at Farmison @farmisonuk went out of their way to supply me with this beautifully prepared young brace from the Yorkshire Dales. I’m pondering what to do with them… Grouse ragù or ravioli perhaps or the classic pan-fried breast of grouse, duck fat-fried waffle-cut potato crisps, bread sauce and game jus. I’m swayed towards the latter given the fine condition of these birds and my cravings. #grouse #game #farmison #autumn #moors #moorland #yorkshiredales #kamikoto @kamikoto #kamikotoknife #santokuknife #instafood #foodphotography

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14. Elystan Street

15. Gunroom