Mrs Austen, teacher at The Elms School, Malvern, updates us on the school’s hunting activities: We had a total of 52 different children aged from 6 -13 out hunting last season. We hunted on on 16 days with the Ledbury in groups and had three visiting days – the Heythrop, the Croome and West Warwickshire and the South Herefordshire. We had the whole gang out at our own Ledbury meet at the school. We have just had our own Puppy Show at the Ledbury kennels – a practice one for real one – and a barbecue at which 11 children were presented with their hunting colours – maroon CA ties, the Master’s special award for the most helpful child this season – Finlay Davison – and 13 glass tumblers for this year’s tumblers! We raised £50 to sponsor the same two hounds again – Makeup and Lampton – and cuddled them and stuffed them with biscuits until even the old dog hound, Lampton, could not fit in another crumb! We are now planning next season.