ktlowr-85It is the Game to Eat campaign’s mission to increase the sales of wild game in Britain. In order to accomplish our mission we have a brand new initiative aimed at getting game into Indian restaurants. It is a fantastic idea for a number of reasons. Firstly, wild game fits perfectly with Indian spices and cooking methods.  Secondly, there are nearing on 10,000 Indian restaurants within the UK and the competition between them has escalated. Each restaurant is now trying to out-compete the other and with the demand for game growing the restaurants are finally seeing the light.

However, they are still in need of some persuasion…

Last week we launched our new ‘Game with Indian Flavours’ initiative at the top class Kennington Tandoori (KT). The KT has put together ten new game recipes and plenty of beautiful photographs. It is now down to us to spread the idea out around the country to further restaurants. In return for putting on an event, we can find the local game dealer, help the restaurant with recipe ideas, help publicise it and get the local media to come along. However we still need your help to find the right Indian restaurants!.

Do you happen to know of any Indian restaurants that would be keen to put on a special game menu for one evening or maybe longer? Or do you know of restaurants that already put on game that would be happy to receive some free publicity? Please do get in touch with Jack at [email protected] to help us get pheasant curries on a par with chicken and lamb!