A recent parlimentary written question tabled by Jim Shannon MP has revealed that shooting’s popularity is continually growing. The question tabled was ‘how many shotguns and firearms permit holders there were in each of the last five years?’ The answer was provided in the form of a table (below), submitted by the Minister in charge of licensing Mike Penning.


Number of firearms and shotguns certificates on issue at 31 March each year, England and Wales, 2009/10 to 2013/14

  Firearm certificates on issue Shotgun certificates on issue
2009/10 141,852  580,653
 2010/11 141,840 564,269
 2011/12 143,166 562,696
 2012/13 147,695 570,726
 2013/14 151,413 582,923

With over 730,000 certificates currently issued the shooting community has never had a louder voice and in a time where shooting is under increasing pressures, we have never needed it more.