RSPCA1On 4th July 2014 Daily Telegraph commentator Michael Henderson wrote: “The RSPCA is chasing the wrong quarry.” Writing as the latest Hunting Act prosecution statistics were released, Mr Henderson explained that “Many people who enjoy hunting are not, to be frank, the kind with whom I would willingly break bread. But you don’t have to be the worst sort of woolly-back to know that police officers cannot enforce a law outlawing hunting without fear or favour, or that bad laws, drawn up for narrow doctrinal reasons, should not be on the statute book.” He went on to write: “Well done, RSPCA! You have assembled an army of snoopers to observe folk in red coats doing things you dislike, and have found six rotters who have broken the law. Worth every penny……Those pennies are now drying up.” Read the piece in full here. Read our piece on Hunting Act prosecution and conviction stats here.