Baroness-MallalieuThe story of the Countryside Alliance and the Hunting Act is told in a new book called “Protest Vote: How politicians lost the plot” by Tim Newark. Broadly, the book focuses on campaign groups and the shifts seen in politics as a result of voters getting fed up of the main parties. The hunting issues features in a chapter entitled “Marching on the streets” which begins: “Like any party, you wonder, will they come? The 52-year-old blonde, strikingly good-looking Baroness Mallalieu wondered this in July. 1997 in Hyde Park when she helped organise a rally for country folk appalled by New Labour’s proposal to ban hunting.” The chapter goes on to look at the politics, behind-the-scenes meetings, the countryside’s mood and the marches and includes quotes from Baroness Mallalieu’s rousing speech to Hyde Park in 1997. The book is available online now.