Tim_Kneale_aimsOur shooting correspondent Tim Kneale writes: “Made it back from Azerbaijan safe and sound. It’s an interesting country and fantastic competition facilities! The competition consisted of the top 12 shooters in the World from the 2014 season. I finished 12th so you can take as bottom of the pile or 12th in the World?! My World ranking is actually 12th at the moment though. It was a good competition and extremely strong field of competitors as you would imagine – definitely a great experience which I took a lot out of. I’m looking forwards to next season and the prospect of winning an Olympic Quote place. I have gained a spot on UK Sport’s Podium Potential funding system which will allow me to train a lot more than I have been in the past. A very exciting time with all that kicking in and I’m also upgrading my gun to allow a greater technical advantage over my current old girl.