16-winter-coverThe Countryside Alliance’s Autumn 2016 magazine featured an article by former Horse & Hound journalist Charlotte Cooper on the intricacies of earning your hunt buttons. In “Top Brass” Charlotte looks at the tradition, the meanings and the sense of achievement bound up in hunt buttons, as evidenced by talented artist Tania Still who is so keen on hunt buttons that she had a dress made out of a button print. Charlotte begins: “From coronets and curlicues, to foxes and hares in full fl ight, hunt button designs are varied and many. But one thing never changes, the pride and honour attached to being awarded your button. Charlotte Cooper takes a look at the history of these links to hunting’s past and their place in the field today.” Charlotte’s article inspired the cover of the issue, Quorn huntsman’s buttons as photographed by Nico Morgan.

Read the piece here.

Tania Still (left) in her button-print dress.