Trout fishing is at its best this month and we should be taking advantage of this predatory fish’s wolf pack hunting techniques, says Fishing for Schools fly-fishing specialist Bob Goble.

After the cooling month of October, November looks promising, with trout fishing at its best for the back end of the season, says Bob.

Rainbows and brown trout will be ready to feed and pack on weight, and to chase the vast shoals of roach, rudd and perch. It has been a tremendous spawning year for these coarse fish, they will be 2-3 inches in length and a nice mouthful for a trout.

These small fish will be hanging around structure, like weed beds, pontoons and piers and you can be sure the trout will have tuned in.

Trout being predators, will be working like a wolf pack, herding the fish, ready to pounce, then smashing into them. You can’t mistake the commotion, with fish jumping and flying trying to escape the jaws of death.

It will also leave a trail of stunned fish, with the trout picking off the dead and stunned fish at their pleasure – this is when you cast your imitation into this mayhem. It won’t be far off the shore line.

We as anglers can benefit from this extraordinary event but you need to get up early as it usually happens early in the morning. However, if it’s overcast it could happen on and off all day.

I have fished Bewl Water for many years and have experienced and taken advantage of this phenomenon many times, but of course it also happens at other fisheries.

Bewl is a large expanse of water and can be quite difficult to know where to start, so being in the right place and at the right time is a bonus.

My tip is to use your usual fly tackle. Your leader and tippet should be a little stronger at 9-10Ibs breaking strain. Use flies with ethfoam (a very close cell foam) in the main body, like a floating fry imitation, or a minkie or zonker with a foam head – maybe even a booby!

Cast out into the mayhem and leave it floating. You might get a take immediately, but if not, just be observant, they may have moved down the bank a little.

If you can follow, repeat the exercise. The take will be explosive! These will be super charged trout!

At this time of year your usual lures can still also be good. Cat’s whisker is a banker and don’t forget the buzzer. A hatch might appear at any time so be prepared.

Have fun, be safe and tight lines, Bob G.