The UK has placed 31st in a ranking of global broadband speeds, lagging behind most of Europe according to a recent study by Across the UK the average broadband download speed is 16.51 megabytes per second (Mbps), falling short of the average speeds enjoyed by our European neighbours including Germany (18.8Mbps), Spain (19.6Mbps), Sweden (40Mbps) and Hungary (23Mbps).

Ofcom has provided technical advice to government that 10Mb broadband to all UK households is considered to be the minimum speed needed to manage a typical family’s needs such as downloading films and browsing the internet. MP’s have called for providers such as BT and Sky to compensate customers who are not able to receive the promised connection speed.

Sarah Lee, Head of Policy, Countryside Alliance said:

“These figures are very disappointing especially since the UK has pledged to invest money to improve super-fast broadband and rural connectivity. There needs to be more done to improve connectivity in those hard to reach places since 1 in 5 rural homes are still unable to receive speeds higher than 5Mbit/s. The Government has invested significant amounts of money into connectivity but the benefits do not appear to be felt on the ground if these speeds are correct. The Countryside Alliance will continue to lobby government to make sure that communities are not hindered by their location and are on a level playing field with their urban and European neighbours.”