VAL-WARNER-AHW-80Valentine is a cook, television presenter and food writer, and a big fan of game and wild food. He supported the Game-to-Eat campaign by writing 8 recipes for the 2011 Game-to-Eat booklet, hosting a game feast for food writers and taking part in radio interviews to encourage more people to enjoy delicious game. 

Valentine Warner started his television career on the BBC in Autumn 2008 with What to Eat Now, a cookery programme based on his book of the same name.

Warner’s recipes appeared quite regularly in the “Living” section of the television and radio guide magazine, Radio Times, during the six weeks when his series What to Eat Now was being broadcast on BBC Two.

Valentine also writes a recipe feature every month for Olive magazine. Valentine has written two bestselling books to tie in with his BBC2 series – What to Eat Now and What to Eat Now – More Please! – and has just launched The Good Table book.