CfR Italia logoEveryone at Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland is delighted to hear that a new sister organisation, Casting for Recovery Italia, has been set up and hopes to hold its first fly fishing retreat in 2017. Casting for Recovery Italia will, like its fellow organisations in the UK and Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and of course the 20-year-old founding project in the US,  run free of charge fly fishing, counselling and therapy retreats for ladies who have, or have had, breast cancer. CfR UK & Ireland, which celebrates ten years of operations this year and is run by The Countryside Alliance Foundation, heard from Laura Pisano, an Italian lady fly fisher who had spotted our Facebook page, and contacted us to learn more. Representatives of CfR UK & Ireland, including the Countryside Alliance’s Jill Grieve, then visited Tuscany in January of this year to discuss how it could work in Italy. Talks with Italian fly fishers, oncologists and the fly fishing media were extremely cordial, with the view that it should be “when” not “if” an Italian organisation could be set up. After communication with the team in the United States, CfR Italia has been created and we all look forward to hearing about how they can support many brave ladies with breast cancer in Italy. As we always say, breast cancer has no borders. Nor, it seems, does Casting for Recovery.