Countryside Alliance Welsh Director, Rachel Evans, debated Animal Aid regarding the Natural Resources Wales (NRW) firearms review on BBC Radio Wales yesterday (1:12-6:35 mins).

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During the debate Ms Evans made clear the significant economic and employment benefits that shooting brings to rural Wales as well as the important role fire arms play in enabling NRW to fulfil its obligations under the Wales deer management action plan. Ms Evans concluded by stating that she is confident that if the review is driven by scientific evidence as opposed to prejudice then the recommendations, scheduled to be presented to the NRU in the autumn will be sensible. During the debate Ms Evans paid reference to the “Value of Shooting” report, published by PACEC (Public and Corporate Economic Consultants)

Last month the Alliance issued a call for evidence on the NRW review and argued that the review had bene hijacked by animal rights protestors, developing into a complete review of the use of firearms in land management: . The Alliance will continue to make the case for shooting on NRW managed land until the autumn when recommendations are scheduled to be published.