4G_6834G is the next generation of fast, mobile internet, with huge potential benefits to society and the economy. 4G is critical to the future success of the UK and more importantly, it has the potential to deliver broadband in rural areas where we will never see fixed line rolled out or where we have slow speeds. 

However, this will only happen if the mobile companies are prepared to invest in rural areas and put in place the infrastructure to deliver 4G. To assist, the Government has put aside £150 million to help improve the coverage and quality of mobile services in the UK, as they recognise that there is a limited commercial case for market-driven investment in rural areas. This money will provide masts in these hard to reach places, but mobile companies will be responsible for putting their equipment onto the masts.

The Countryside Alliance needs to work with mobile companies and the Government to make sure that they recognise that 4G is a necessity in rural communities if they are to compete economically and socially and that the countryside should be a priority for rolling out 4G coverage to improve the current poor level of mobile and broadband services.

4G will let people do more with their smartphones and tablets more quickly, but only if we can ensure there is a 4G mobile network in rural areas.

If you want to find out more about 4G and what it could mean for your life, your business and Britain, have a look at www.4GBritain.org, which the Countryside Alliance supports, or watch the video’s below.