Are you a raffle winner?

Thank you to everyone who entered the Countryside Alliance Christmas Cash Raffle. The winners of our raffle are listed below:

Winning numberTitleSurnamePrize 
52397MrDudley Smith1st prize – £10,000
160441MrThearle2nd prize – £1,000
167496MrsAbel Smith2nd prize – £1,000
159103MrsBenney£100 M&S vouchers
167190MrWood£100 M&S vouchers
165356MrsAlgar£100 M&S vouchers
157472MrOliver-Bellasis£100 M&S vouchers
166311MrArrowsmith£100 M&S vouchers
154813MrLand£100 M&S vouchers

*Although we’d love to publish the winners as soon as they are drawn, we like to personally get in touch with the winners first, and this can sometimes cause delays. Please bear with us whilst we confirm all winners and we will update the website as soon as possible. Thank You.