4G-rootmetrics-flyer-1Many New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, but the Countryside Alliance offers you its own top ten that you will want to keep. Please read on to help support us and further our campaigns this year.

  1. Become a member. Join online here or call our membership team on 0207 840 9300. Pay by Direct Debit and you will receive a special 20% discount on the prices below for your first year, that’s £4.40 per month for single members paying by direct debit (20% discount on Direct Debit is for the first year only. Offer excludes NI and ROI.)
  2. Buy British. Our hardworking farmers and producers need our support more than ever. Please make every effort to eat and drink British where you can – our Rural Oscarscontenders are among those who would appreciate your support. Please eat plenty of game too! (visit www.gametoeat.co.uk for recipes)
  3. Back hunting. Download The Case for Hunting and The Case for Repeal so that you can articulate hunting’s benefits and the Hunting Act’s many flaws. And of course, get out with your local hounds. (visit http://mfha.org.uk/pack_directory/ to find your local pack of foxhounds and get in touch to find your local pack of harriers or beagles.)
  4. Use Lead Legally. There is a campaign to ban lead shot. Our best defence is compliance to prove no further legislation is necessary. Please sign the compliance pledge and download our Case for Lead so you have all the facts.
  5. Keep your property safe. Whether your dogs or your oil supply, rural crime is high at present. Here is our advice on keeping gundogs safe and here is our advice for protecting your oil supply.
  6. Support your community. Whether a local meet or Point-to-Point (listings below), using your local shop or pub or going to country shows and events, always think local. Click here for our events listing.
  7. Download the RootMetrics app. If you have a smartphone please download the app and test signal wherever you are. Your tests will form part of our national coverage map which will help us push for strong coverage. This is one of our key campaigns this year.
  8. Invite our animal welfare consultant Jim Barrington to come and speak to your local school, college or Young Farmers’ Club. Email [email protected] for information.
  9. Stand up for the countryside. Biased or factually incorrect media coverage should be rebutted – don’t wait for someone else to do it, write! Similarly, if you read or hear coverage that impresses you, let the newspaper, magazine or radio station know. Never miss an opportunity to stand up for the countryside – we don’t have to accept fieldsports being portrayed in a negative light.
  10. Send us your photos. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts have increasing reach and huge audiences. Your sporting photographs are popular and boost morale – keep sending them in! On Twitter you will find team members @CAUpdates, @CACampaigns, @GametoEat. Click here for our Facebook page & here for the Game-to-Eat Facebook page