The Scottish Countryside Alliance is a unique organisation dedicated to supporting the countryside as a whole with the specific aim of promoting and protecting rural communities and the rural way of life.

The SCA's task is to raise awareness about a number of priorities which the Scottish Countryside Alliance and its members believe are critical to sustaining rural communities.

The Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) campaigns for the countryside, countrysports and the rural way of life.

The SCA is Scotland’s only truly inclusive rural lobbying organisation. The SCA recognises that rural Scotland is an interwoven tapestry of cultural, economic, environmental and community issues and that to champion just one strand would lead to the unravelling of the whole. We campaign for and promote a wide range of interlinked country sports and rural livelihood issues.

We work with key decision makers to ensure that all aspects of our countryside are enhanced, not diminished. We also have to ensure that people living in rural communities are adequately supported. Without people in our rural communities, there will be no countryside tourism and no country sports. The SCA ensures that the voice of the countryside is heard by the public and key decision makers. It is in everyone’s interest that Scotland’s countryside thrives and offers opportunities to everyone, regardless of where they live.

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