A Board with a broad range of business and commercial skills as well as deep knowledge of our countryside and its activities is vital to the success of the Countryside Alliance.

Following the passing of the resolution at our Special General Meeting on 9th July, we are now seeking candidates to stand for election to our Board to fill four vacancies. 

In accordance with our new Rules, candidates can be nominated to stand for one of the specific vacancies set out below.  Our Nominations and Remuneration Committee, assisted by a skilled independent person, will assess the nominations and then put forward those who fulfil the criteria set out to the Board.  The Board will then determine which candidates for each vacancy shall be put to the members for election at the AGM on 8th December 2020. 

Now is your chance to support the Board’s recommended candidates, nominate candidates or seek nomination to volunteer your own professional and personal skills to help run the Countryside Alliance as a Board member.

Our Board members volunteer their time and experience to the Countryside Alliance by attending and preparing for Board meetings and away days, supporting the executive team and representing the Countryside Alliance at events and on committees.

Our vacancies for the 2020 Board member elections are for people with skills and experience in each of the four areas set out below who also have a deep commitment to our aims and knowledge of at least one of our core rural activities and other countryside matters. 

The four skill and experience categories are: business and strategy, communications and media, public affairs, and land management and conservation issues.

As reported in the Magazine, the Board are delighted that three new people of exceptional quality are now joining the Board.  Two of these, Lord Daresbury and Charles Moore, are taking up Board member positions as elected members under Rule 4 (n) to fill vacancies caused by resignations.  Both will be standing for election by you, the members, on 8 December in the business and strategy and communications and media categories respectively.  Both are eminent figures in their professional fields and strong supporters of the Alliance and its objectives.  The Board strongly recommends their election so that the Alliance and its members can benefit from their exceptional skills and experience.

A current Board Member, Caroline Squire, will be standing for re-election in the public affairs category.  Caroline has made a very strong contribution to the success of the Alliance and its campaigning during her first term in office, and the Board strongly believes that her re-election will be a great benefit to the Alliance.

The Board has considered carefully the skills it believes are needed best to fulfil the aims of the Alliance and, as a result of their considerations, believe that the Board could usefully be strengthened by additional skills and expertise in land management and conservation issues. 

All candidate vacancy requirements are set out below.


The skills and experience required for each of the four vacancies is shown below.

Business and Strategy

Candidates are sought with the following specialised skills and experience:

  • Senior executive and/or Board level experience in a substantial commercial organisation
  • Experience and knowledge of developing and delivering on strategic and financial plans
  • Excellent business management and development skills and knowledge
  • Experience in mentoring and supporting senior management teams
  • An understanding of financial strategy
  • Experience in dealing with external stakeholders

Communications and Media

Candidates are sought with the following specialised skills and experience:

  • Relevant experience in news media (print, electronic, social media and broadcast experience)
  • Experience at a senior level of managing media, communications and reputational issues
  • An understanding of social media
  • Communication skills relevant to the Alliance’s internal audience
  • Contacts at a senior level in the media and PR industries

Public Affairs

Candidates are sought with the following specialised skills and experience:

  • Experience of senior political positions or lobbying roles
  • Detailed knowledge of the working of Westminster and devolved assemblies
  • Experience of working with government departments and agencies
  • An understanding of the internal operation of political parties
  • Contacts across politics and the civil service

Land Management and Conservation Issues

Candidates are sought with the following specialised skills and experience:

  • Practical experience of farming and land management
  • Involvement in conservation projects and organisations
  • Engagement at a senior level in the development of agricultural and environmental policy
  • Experience of diverse land management issues
  • Engagement at a senior level with a range of farming, conservation and environmental organisations


To be eligible for stand for election you must be:

  • a person aged 18 years or older;
  • a paid up member of the Countryside Alliance eligible to vote at the AGM;
  • nominated for one of the above specific vacancies by a proposer, a seconder and ten further persons all of whom must be fully paid up members of the Countryside Alliance and qualified to vote at the forthcoming AGM;
  • judged by the Board of the Countryside Alliance to fulfil the criteria set out for the vacancy for which you are nominated; and
  • prepared to abide by the  Board Code of Conduct, which is summarised below:
  • act in the best interest of, and fulfil their fiduciary obligations to the Countryside Alliance (the Alliance)
  • demonstrate professionalism and commitment to individual and collective development
  • participate with any Board development, learning, effectiveness audit or other initiative designed to improve the effectiveness of the Board and its members
  • act honestly, fairly, ethically, with integrity and with respect for colleagues; comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and all applicable policies and procedures adopted the Alliance
  • act in good faith, responsibly, with due care, competence and diligence, without allowing their independent judgement to be compromised and act in a manner to enhance and maintain the Alliance’s reputation
  • disclose potential conflicts of interest and, if appropriate, abstain from discussion and voting on any matter in which the Board Member has or may have a conflict of interest
  • share information with fellow Board Members to ensure proper conduct and sound operation of the business
  • respect the confidentiality of information relating to the affairs of the Alliance acquired in the course of their service as Board Members, except when disclosure is authorised by the Alliance or they legally required to do so, and not use confidential information for their personal advantage or misuse it in any other way
  • endeavour to attend all meetings, but acknowledge and accept any decisions taken at meetings where the individual was unable to attend or did not register a reservation having received and reviewed any relevant papers

In addition, you will need to provide your written consent to being nominated.

Rule 4 of the Rules of the Countryside Alliance sets out the procedures relating to the nomination and election of Board member candidates.  Please email to [xxxxx@countryside-alliance.org] if you would like a copy of this document.



  • Open: 7th September
  • Close: 5th October

Notes for Nominees

Please ensure that emails of support with the name of the nominee in the subject line from your proposer,  seconder and 10 supporting members including the full name, address and membership number of each person are sent to election@countryside-alliance.org  to be received by 5th October 2020. 

The Nominations and Remuneration Committee of the Board (assisted by a skilled independent person), and subsequently the Board as a whole, will assess nominee details to ascertain whether the Nominee has the skills and experience required to fulfil the criteria set out for the vacancy for which the person has been nominated.  To enable consideration of Nominee details, please provide by close of nominations your written consent to serving as a Board director if elected, your CV setting out your skills and experience (including your involvement in and knowledge of country sports and countryside matters more broadly) and the application form (obtainable from election@countryside-alliance.org).  Nominees may be asked to attend an interview.  Please ensure the above papers are despatched to election@countryside-alliance.org to be received by 5th October 2020.

If the Board determines that at this time the Nominee does not possess the requisite skills and experience, the Nominee will not be put to the members for election and will be informed of the Board’s decision.  The Nominee may appeal the decision, which the Board will determine at their absolute discretion.  If not considered qualified to be put forward for election at the time nominations are considered, the Nominee is free to seek nomination for future vacancies.

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