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All hands on deck: Consultation launched on the release of gamebirds in Wales

Wales is set to be the first country in the UK to license game shoots, prompting concern about the future of biodiversity and impact excessive regulation could have on the rural economy.

A 12-week consultation, launched today by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) on behalf of the Welsh Government, introduces proposals for a licensing system for the release of pheasants and red-legged partridge in Wales.

If the proposals are implemented, gamebird releasing will be banned and only allowed under licence, giving an anti-shooting Welsh Government the power to shut down game shooting in Wales. This would have a devastating negative impact on biodiversity and the livelihoods of those living in the Welsh countryside. 

It is of the utmost importance that anybody involved in game shooting, not only in Wales but in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland, respond to this consultation.

Countryside Alliance Wales, which campaigns for sustainable shooting, are concerned the Welsh Government could push forward with burdensome legislation, irrespective of the evidence produced by rural groups as part of the consultation process.

We have been clear in our demands that any decision NRW makes should be based on science, research and evidence. To that end we will be issuing guidance in the coming days should respondees wish to use it, so please check back on this page regularly. 

Please note that this e-lobby is now closed.

If you require any help or guidance, please contact us on

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