We are committed to social and economic diversity and have very few eligibility requirements subject to medical clearance for attendance:

  • Women of all ages, who live in the UK & Ireland, who are at least three months after completion of treatment for early breast cancer (which may include; surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) are eligible to attend with medical clearance from their oncology doctor or GP.
  • Women who continue to take hormone treatment or Herceptin are eligible to apply.
  • All applicants must be current UK and Ireland residents and eligible for NHS treatment (UK only as a reciprocal agreement is in place between the UK & Ireland for those on short vacations).
  • Women with secondary breast cancer are welcomed and encouraged to apply for retreat attendance with medical clearance from their oncology doctor or GP.

To achieve a positive experience for all retreat attendees the needs of each participant will be assessed for retreat suitability.

Casting for Recovery

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